Customized Offshore Solutions

Since 2002, QMax has provided customized offshore solutions, optimized for even the most challenging drilling projects. We specialize in North and Latin America offshore operations, utilizing both water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluids. We have a proven track record with over 325 offshore wells drilled across the Western Hemisphere, and a team with more than 375 years of offshore experience.

Port Fourchon, Louisiana Facility

One of our newest facilities, Port Fourchon, Louisiana, is fully equipped with mixing pits, SBM tanks, and fluids compounds storage. In order to supply our customers with maximum quality, we also host a state-of-the-art mixing control station, a complete on-site testing lab, and an environmentally sensitive office space for inclement weather.

Our offshore hub in Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico has successfully serviced the offshore fluids needs of our customers for over a decade.  Our shore base provides nearly 50,000 barrel in storage capacity, fluids mixing and conditioning capacity of nearly 6,000 barrels locally, and direct water access.  Supported by our extensive regional infrastructure and regional laboratories, we can successfully deliver solutions for any offshore well challenge.


Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

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Experience Matters

QMax’s experience runs deep, both in years in the field, and across the industry we serve. With over 375 years of offshore experience combined, we have strategically developed our team to provide the comprehensive knowledge and experience required for the industry’s top total drilling solutions package.


Non-Aqueous Fluids

Non-aqueous drilling fluids allow the drilling of reactive formations more efficiently than water-based fluids. QMax specializes in fit-for-purpose formulations for both water-based and non-aqueous applications, including oil-based and synthetic fluid systems, designed for your unique drilling challenges.


Wellbore Cleanup

Poor wellbore cleanup can result in additional logistics, lost operation time, additional time for service providers on the rig, and potential for damage to the well. QMax utilizes wellbore cleanup tools and advanced engineering software for our offshore operations to ensure maximum well performance, and expand the lifespan of your well.








We Deliver, No Excuses

QMax provides total fluids solutions to offshore upstream oil and gas companies. With an extensive history of drilling fluid and offshore experience, QMax is the preferred choice for offshore drilling.

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