PERFORMANCE: Family of Inhibitive HPHT Brine-Based Fluids

PERFORMANCE P: Inhibitive potassium formate-based fluid

PERFORMANCE S: Inhibitive sodium formate-based fluid

PERFORMANCE SP: Inhibitive sodium and potassium formate-based fluid

QMax’s line of PERFORMANCE fluids are inhibitive sodium and/or potassium formate-based fluids, created in response to the industry need for a HPHT fluid, free from barite, oil, and halides. PERFORMANCE is an effective replacement for other inhibitive water-based fluids, such as silicates or amine salts-based inhibitive systems.

PERFORMANCE is a high-density, solids-free, drilling fluid able to achieve densities up to 13.1 ppg (1570 kg/m3) without any weighted solids. This results in lower ECDs and surge/swab pressures, improved hole cleaning, faster ROP (up to 2x in comparison to conventional invert), as well as a 3 to 4x superior bit performance and remarkably prolonged bit life. If higher densities are required, calcium carbonate, or other specialized weighting agents can be added to the system to increase fluid weight.

Significantly less corrosive than halide brine systems, PERFORMANCE has a naturally alkaline pH, which can be buffered with carbonate/bicarbonate ions to handle large influxes of acid gas (CO2, H2S). Additionally, as a halide-free fluid, it evades corrosion problems such as pitting and stress cracking. The fluid is rich in anti-oxidant anions, minimizing the occurrence of oxidation and the need for the addition of oxygen scavengers.

We Deliver, No Excuses



Non-corrosive brine with minimal formation damage

Low rheologies that give turbulent flow

Higher ROP compared to a polymer fluid

Exceptional for horizontal drilling

Enhances HT resistance

Lower pump rates due to lower rheology

Easy to prepare and maintain

Appropriate for drilling, completion, and drill-in applications


Water-Based Systems






PropertyTypical Range
Fluid Weight, ppg (kg/m3)8.5 - 19 (1020 - 2280)
pH9.0 - 9.5
K+ ion content, mg/l5,000 - 547,223
MBT, ppb-eq (kg/m3)0 - 10.2 (0 - 28)