We are very pleased to announce that we have completed the merger of the USA businesses of QMax and Anchor Drilling Fluids (“Anchor”).

Anchor, based in Tulsa, has been in operations in every U.S. land basin for over 22 years.  The new company will provide products and services, including solids control and screens, to the U.S. land market as Anchor USA.

Anchor has enjoyed a solid market share based on their excellent service quality, outstanding safety record, and quality engineering.  Anchor, along with QMax’s U.S. businesses including Patriot Drilling Fluids and MudMixers, have grown their share from relative startups over the past couple of years based on similar attributes. This merger makes the combined company a compelling choice for any U.S. land operator for both drilling fluids and solids control.

This merger strengthens our North American business and more evenly balances our portfolio between Latin America, North America, and the Eastern Hemisphere.