Delivering Excellence in Latin America

For over 25 years, QMax has provided customized full-service solutions for local diverse operating needs in Latin America, including:

  • Drilling and completion fluids
  • Solids control and drilling waste management
  • Technical testing and analysis
  • Wellbore cleanup


QMax delivers trouble-free solutions so that customers can maximize the value of their asset. We prioritize exemplary customer service and safety standards, state-of-the-art applied technology, well efficiency, and first-rate logistics and infrastructure.


In Mexico, QMax offers fit-for-purpose onshore and offshore drilling solutions in Villahermosa, Ciudad del Carmen, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Reynosa, and Paraiso. With a network of multiple advanced technical labs, ten warehouses, seven mud plants, and an extensive team of highly trained field specialists, we focus on exceptional service quality and product performance on every well.


QMax Colombia offers total fluids solutions with regional facilities in Cota, Neiva, Santa Marta, Yopal, Villavicencio, and Barrancabermeja, along with an analytical and training mud lab to support local operations. We focus on QHSE safety compliance, building connections in the community, and delivering exceptional products and services, customized for each customer’s unique well.


QMAXDRILL, our high-performance, highly-inhibitive, water-based drilling fluid system, can be used in the most challenging and environmentally sensitive drilling applications, both onshore and offshore. The technology is applicable where highly-reactive formations are present, and water-based fluids are required. The formulation reduces environmental and disposal concerns that may arise with oils or elevated chlorides, nitrates, or sulfates.



QMAXVERT, widely used in Mexico, is our oil-based drilling fluid system that is ideal for maintaining excellent hole stability. Oil-based fluids allow for the drilling of reactive formations more efficiently than water-based fluids, therefore QMAXVERT is a replacement for high-pressure, water-based fluids and other inhibitive water-based fluids. The QMAXVERT system is applicable where highly reactive formations are present, and there are no environmental restrictions for the use of oil-based fluids.


Wellbore Cleanup

Poor wellbore cleanup can result in additional logistics, lost operation time, additional time for service providers on the rig, and potential for damage to the well. Effective wellbore cleanup will minimize debris associated non-productive time (NPT), and reduce, if not eliminate, formation damage, which increases production output and the lifespan of the well. In QMax Mexico and Colombia, we deliver both mechanical and chemical wellbore cleanup solutions, minimizing costs and protecting your well from severe damages.






We Deliver, No Excuses

QMax provides total fluids solutions to both onshore and offshore upstream oil and gas companies throughout Latin America. With exemplary customer service, expertise operating in multiple regions, and technical testing labs in Cota, Villahermosa, Ciudad del Carmen, Veracruz, Reynosa, and Poza Rica, QMax is the preferred choice for total fluids solutions in Latin America.