Committed to Excellence in the Middle East and Africa

QMax provides customized full-service solutions for local diverse operating needs in the Middle East, North and East Africa, including:

  • Drilling and completion fluids
  • Solids control and drilling waste management
  • Technical testing and analysis


We prioritize operating in a safe, QHSE compliant environment, establishing rapport and long-lasting relationships throughout the industry, and providing the most efficient solutions for your unique well. Specializing in solids control and drilling waste management, as well as our high-quality suite of drilling and completion fluid systems, we are the number one choice for your diverse drilling needs.

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions, a QMax Company, is a leading provider of fluids solutions and services in North Africa, delivering high-quality products and customized solutions. We deliver the industry’s most reliable solids processing products and services, customized solutions for drilling waste management, and targeted drilling and completion fluids solutions that support complex drilling and critical service applications in the region.

International Drilling Fluids and Engineering Services (IDEC)

Founded in 2008, IDEC, a QMax Company, is the first independent drilling fluids company in the Middle East and Africa. Through IDEC and its locally operated affiliates, we provide fit-for-purpose fluid systems paired with experienced engineering services and personnel to meet the challenges in the most demanding operating environments, including horizontal, HTHP, and other critical service wells.




The Q-ENVIRO System is a low-cost, innovative, and effective solution to treating both water and oil-based onshore drilling and production wastes. It is comprised of an integrated chemical flocculation and dewatering system that greatly reduces the overall volume of waste generated by the drilling operation. In an Algerian study, the Q-ENVIRO System resulted in a 73% reduction of drilling waste, when compared to previous wells drilled in a similar environment.


Thermal Desorption

Thermal Desorption is an indirect heating process that results in vaporizing oil from inorganic solids in an anaerobic atmosphere. This process treats solid to semi-solid wastes containing concentrations of organic contaminants that can be readily desorbed. QMax offers streamlined thermal solutions that allow customers to excel in environmentally sensitive areas, while reducing costs and effectively removing contaminants.



DRILSMOOTH is a mixed metal oxide (MMO) rheology modifier and secondary shale stabilizer, designed to provide excellent shear-thinning, carrying capacity, and suspending ability. DRILSMOOTH minimizes mud losses and stabilizes unconsolidated formations, and has been used successfully in wells in the northern region of Iraq, where massive mud losses are caused due to highly-fractured karstified carbonates.






We Deliver, No Excuses

With extensive experience drilling over 550+ wells combined in Iraq, North Africa, and East Africa, and processing nearly 1.2 million cubic meters of drill cuttings, we deliver on our commitment of exceptional service quality and product performance on every well.