Local Solutions for Local Drilling Needs in North America

Along with QMax operations in Canada, Anchor USA, a QMax Company, is the largest independent integrated fluids and solids control solutions provider in the U.S., delivering customized full-service solutions targeted for each operator’s diverse drilling needs. We take pride in providing the most efficient solutions for your unique well, prioritizing our unwavering commitment to exceptional service, safety, partnership, and integrity for each customer.



QMAXVERT™ is our non-aqueous drilling fluid system that is ideal for drilling troublesome shales and maintaining excellent hole stability. Non-aqueous fluids allow for the drilling of reactive formations more efficiently than water-based fluids, therefore QMAXVERT is a replacement for high-pressure, water-based fluids and other inhibitive water-based fluids. The QMAXVERT system is applicable where highly reactive formations are present, and there are no environmental restrictions for the use of non-aqueous fluids.


Solids Control Solutions

Anchor USA delivers effective solids control solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and customized with consistent, reliable outcomes. We provide experienced field and site supervisors, along with operating technicians with solids control experience, ensuring a seamless, reliable operation. We offer a range of equipment and solutions, along with specialty equipment such as Mobile Drying Units (MDUs), Mobile Centrifuge Units (MCUs), and MUDSTRIPPER™, which enhance both flexibility and performance of solids control operations.



The industry continues to place an emphasis on water conservation in drilling operations. Anchor USA’s MUDSTRIPPER™ is at the forefront of innovative water conservation technology. This proven technology recycles and reduces water used in drilling by as much as 75%, resulting in significant cost savings to the customer in water and brine usage, and transport, as well as a lower environmental impact.


Total Backyard Management

Anchor USA’s Total Backyard Management solutions provide a single point of accountability and management for the rig backyard by consolidating solids control and drilling waste management, resulting in maximum return on investment for our customers. Along with coordination and management of equipment, third-party services, and haul-off and disposal services, Anchor USA provides customers with detailed data collection, reporting, and analysis for process optimization.





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We Deliver, No Excuses

QMax and Anchor USA are committed to delivering exceptional service at every well, even for the most challenging projects. Each of our locations are equipped with an experienced team with decades of industry expertise, prioritizing optimum success for our customers.