Wellbore Cleanup

Poor wellbore cleanup is costly. It can result in additional logistics, lost operation time, additional time for service providers on the rig, and potential for damage to the well. In many cases, the overall non-productive time (NPT) can cost millions of dollars, or result in the loss of the well. At a minimum, small size particulates left in the well can block pore throats and reduce production levels, and settled solids can also reduce pay zone size. The solution is to perform an exemplary wellbore cleanup including both mechanical and chemical solutions. This combination will minimize debris associated NPT and reduce, if not eliminate, formation damage, which increases production output and the lifespan of the well.


Our Wellbore Cleanup Solutions


Casings and Liners
Scraper Tools
Bristle Brushes
High Strength Magnets
Debris Retention Tools
High Flow Annular Circulation Tools
Inflow and Positive Test Tools
Riser Debris Tools and Junk Baskets
BOP Jetting Tools


Solvent and Surfactant Combinations
Corrosion Inhibitors
Oxygen Scavengers

MAXSITE Hydraulics

MAXSITE Hydraulics

QMax wellbore cleanup tools and applied technologies, combined with the correct BHA design, hydraulics modeling, and torque and drag analysis with QMax’s proprietary MAXSITE Hydraulics software, maximizes the effectiveness of the wellbore cleanout.

MAXSITE is designed to support the efficiency of a well’s performance, including everything from drilling hydraulics to rig site inventory management.